List of top Social Media Apps

List of top Social Media Apps
list of top social media apps

  1. Facebook
    In the List of top social media Apps Facebook Ranks 1st with widest Range and Great user Experience . Users can Upload Pics , Share and Like Them . They can Join Groups , Post their pics and other informative messages in those Groups . Facebook offers great emoticons , Custom settings for Facebook Pages and Groups . The Addition of Custom settings had attracted great number of Users . Admins can Selectively block Posts , Members and Approve the Posts selectively. Its a Great App For Business Promotion also.
  2. Instagram
    In the List of top social media Apps Instagram Ranks 2 . Its true that posts with images attract great audience . Keeping this in Mind Instagram offers the users to upload pics , Like and Share them . THere is a feature for creating Groups and Sending your Pics via Direct message ( DM ) to large number of people with a Single Click . There is an option to keep your Profile Private .
  3. Twitter 
    In the List of top social media Apps Twitter Ranks 3rd . Most of the Celebs Prefer Twitter –  Now twitter has offered 240 words . Great User Experience with option to Retweet the tweets so no issues of Copying the content and giving credits to someone , we can simply retweet it . Use of Hashtags make it possible to send the tweet to millions of people at the same time .
  4. Youtube
    In the List of top social media Apps Youtube Ranks 4th . The rage for youtube has increased in the past 2 years , as many youtube creators came forward and discussed about their success stories and motivated the youth . But It lacks the feature of Creating Groups and Publishing Images . It offers only Video Sharing . But one of the Best features is Adsense Integration and Making Large Amount of Money .
  5. Whatsapp 
    In the List of top social media Apps Whatsapp Ranks 5th . One of the best features is integrated support with your actual mobile numbers . One of the fastest for sending important documents images quite easily . It has offered a support for sending documents recently via attachments . Now you can Upload stories on whatsapp as in instagram . There is a feature for creating groups and sharing information to large Number of people.

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